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HVAC Technician Salary Ohio

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Ohio is another state where there’s a big demand for HVAC Techs.

As an HVAC, you’re repairing, installing, or maintaining HVAC systems, both in a commercial setting or residential setting.

But how much you can make annually in Ohio? In this guide, we share the salary data for the state of Ohio and also compare it with other states.

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So How Much Does an HVAC Technician Earn in Ohio?

The U.S.Bureau of Labour Statistics (BLS) reports that the average annual wage of an HVAC Technician in Ohio is $55,950.

HVAC Technician Salary Offered In Other States as Compared To Ohio

HVAC technician salary in Ohio is slightly lower compared to other states, such as Washington or California.

But you must also take into account the cost of living.

Here’s how other states fare compared to Ohio:-

  • Ohio- $55,950 Annually
  • Alaska-  $72, 200 Annually
  • Massachusetts- $70, 010 Annually
  • Washington- $65,340 Annually
  • New Jersey- $68,510 Annually
  • Connecticut- $69,930 Annually

There are few states which have a lower annual wage compared to Ohio. Here’s more:

  • Ohio- $55, 950 Annually
  • Arkansas- $45,560 Annually
  • Alabama- $47,200 Annually
  • Mississippi- $45, 310 Annually
  • South Carolina- $48,170 Annually
  • Florida- $49,380 Annually

HVAC Technician Salary in Different Cities Within Ohio:-

The salary also varies in different cities. Toledo has the highest salary for HVAC Techs, while Younston has the lowest median wage.

  • Columbus – $48,889 per year
  • Cleveland- $45,500 per year.
  • Akron- $43,321 per year
  • Dayton- $48,906 per year.
  • Youngston- $42,434 per year
  • Wooster- $45,282  per year
  • Toledo- $49,448 per year

How To Get a Higher Starting Salary as an HVAC Technician?

Below are some of the ways you can try out to have a higher average salary as an HVAC Technician:-

Also see salaries offered by other states in the US:

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