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HVAC Technician Salary California

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As per the BLS, the career of an HVAC Technician will see a 5% increase in the number of jobs till 2031.

Let’s have a look at the average salary you can get as an HVAC Tech in the state of California.

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So How Much Does an HVAC Technician Earn In California?

Average Annual Wage – $67,430 or $ 32.42 hourly.

No. of Jobs – 38,370

HVAC Technician Salary Offered in Other States as Compared To California

Your HVAC technician salary can vary in different states. The salary in California is at the higher end of the spectrum.

Here’s the salary data in different states which have a higher median wage for HVAC Techs. –

  • California- $67,430 Annually
  • Alaska-  $72, 200 Annually
  • Massachusetts- $70, 010 Annually
  • Washington- $65,340 Annually
  • New Jersey- $68,510 Annually
  • Connecticut- $69,930 Annually

Now let’s compare the salaries offered in California compared to that of other lower-paying states:

  • California- $67, 430 Annually
  • Arkansas- $45,560 Annually
  • Alabama- $47,200 Annually
  • Mississippi- $45, 310 Annually
  • South Carolina- $48,170 Annually
  • Florida- $49,380 Annually

HVAC Technician Salary in Different Cities within California:-

Your salary can also vary according to the city you live in. Here’s some information about the median wage in different cities. (This is not government data but is derived from job-board websites.) Some figures might vary. –

  • Los Angeles- $56,000 per year
  • San Diego- $52,267 Per Year
  • San Jose- $64,500  Per Year
  • Beverly Hills- $51,752 Per Year
  • Fresno- $52,257 Per Year
  • Oakland- $58150 Per Year
  • Bakersfield- $45,000 Per Year

How To Get a Higher Starting Salary as an HVAC Technician?

When you’re starting out, your salary would be lower. Entry-level technicians are expected to earn significantly less compared to experienced Pros.

That’s just the reality. However, here are a few things that can you set you apart and also help you potentially command a higher salary.

  • Faster HVAC education with Online HVAC training
  • NATE ready-to-work Certificate & EPA Section 608 certification(More at: HVAC technician certification)
  • Hands-on experience as a technician.
  • Brush up your communication skills, and learning a second language call also help.

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