How Long Does it Take to Get a Phlebotomy Certification?

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Grant Aldrich

I get this question a lot… And here’s the good news: it’s now possible in just a few months.

This is amazing, since phlebotomy certifications used to take up to two years.

So what changed?

It all comes down to your training program.

Most people don’t realize that the training is actually the longest portion of your certification journey, and really the most important part of that journey. Not only when it comes to time but also cost.

That’s part of the reason why I created Preppy was to make certification training programs faster and cheaper for everyone.  But, let me first explain how that happen

Financial Aid Programs- Tempting, but Long & Expensive

Prior to Preppy, most people opted for a university-based program that was eligible for financial aid.

BUT, here’s the secret that nobody tells you: to make a program eligible for financial aid it has to be purposely long, and more expensive.

I know what you’re thinking: so in an attempt to make it affordable with financial aid, it made it more expensive?

Sadly, yes.

The reason being is that to be eligible for a financial aid program a course has to be a minimum of 9 months long. So universities had to make a program that could take as little as two months purposely nine months long just to be eligible for financial aid.

To make matters worse, they wrapped it into associates degree programs which could take up to two years.

And, since the programs were longer, they inevitably are more expensive.

That’s how we got to a university program costing $8,000 to $20,000, and being one to two years in length.

How Can I instead finish in 2 months?

The good news is that the new offerings in the industry changed everything.

The reason I launched Preppy was to solve the obvious issues in certification training.

I hated the fact that schools were purposely making these programs longer than they needed to be and more expensive than they needed to be.

So, Preppy was born.

Now, we offer a phlebotomy certification program that is insanely affordable, takes only two months to complete, completely online, and even includes an externship so you can get the necessary blood draws for your certification.

Plus, with a university completion certificate that you can proudly hang on your wall.

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Grant Aldrich

Preppy was founded by higher education expert, Grant Aldrich, who’s work on college affordability and accessibility has been featured in Forbes, Bloomberg Businessweek, Business Insider, American Express, AOL, MSN, Thrive Global, Reader’s Digest, Inside Higher Ed, Evolllution, EducationDive, and nearly 100 radio shows and podcasts.

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