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A career in Diesel Mechanics has been recently gaining momentum across the country. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), job growth and employment for diesel mechanics have increased and will continue to grow in the coming years, making it an ideal profession to set foot into.

What is a Diesel Mechanic?

A Diesel Mechanic is a technician that inspects, maintains, and repairs automobiles with diesel engines. Their main duties range from changing tires and oils to replacing or repairing the whole engine. 

There’s one question that’s common among folks who want to start a career as a mechanic. Do you need a degree?

In this article, we aim to relay everything you need to know about the educational requirements needed and what’s the fastest & easiest way to become a diesel mechanic.

Although pursuing a career in diesel mechanics does not necessarily require a degree, most employers prefer candidates that have the knowledge and skills to work with diesel-powered machinery. 

Translation: You need some kind of Diesel Mechanic Training!

The minimum requirement to begin the process of becoming a diesel mechanic is first to complete your high school diploma or a GED, after which you need to enroll yourself in a diesel mechanic school. There are three main methods of completing your training, such as –

  1. Getting an associate’s degree
  2. Enrolling in a certification program
  3. Completing an online training program

Associate’s Degree in Diesel Mechanics

  • Duration- 2 years
  • Cost- $30,000 to $50,000

Getting an associate’s degree is the most popular choice when choosing a training program for diesel mechanics.

An associate’s degree is offered by universities, and students can complete their education and get the degree after two years. This degree provides students with industry knowledge that allows them to make repairs by identifying the source of the problem. 

An associate’s degree generally covers subjects such as fuel systems, diesel engine technology, heavy-duty brake systems, introduction to hydraulics, diesel preventative maintenance, and technical reporting, among others.

Even though this is a popular choice, getting an associate’s degree is considered to be the most difficult, owing to the very high tuition fee. An average degree costs around $30,000 to $50,000, and often students enrolling in this course have to take up education loans.

Is There a Bachelor’s Degree in Diesel Mechanics?

While bachelor’s degrees for diesel mechanics are not as common as an associate’s degree or a certification program, there are some universities that offer them. Most of these programs are opted for by students who have already completed their associate’s degrees and want to move to a bachelor’s program. 

Typically, a bachelor’s degree takes two more years after you complete your associate’s degree. A bachelor’s degree generally costs around $20,000 to $30,000 per year.

Even though a bachelor’s degree offers the ability to gain in-depth knowledge and skills that are needed for a diesel mechanic, it is not recommended owing to its high costs and lengthy duration.

Online Training Programs- The Most Recommended Option

  • Duration- 6 to 12 months
  • Cost- Upto $5,000

Of all the options available, choosing an online training program in diesel mechanics is highly recommended. This is due to the several advantages an online training program offers you in comparison to the other options, such as:

Completing your training at home

An online training program can be taken from anywhere, even from the comfort of your home. Plus, choosing an online program allows you to learn at your own pace and time schedule, as opposed to scheduled classes that you might miss in a full-time program.

Complete your Training Faster

If you opt for an online program, you can complete your training in as little as 6 months. Some online programs also prepare you for entry-level diesel mechanic certifications offered by ASE.

Affordable Courses

An accredited online training program will only cost you around $5,000, as opposed to the thousands of dollars that an associate’s degree or certification program may cost. This makes online programs super affordable.

With an online program, you could start your career without the burden of student debt.

Offers simulations and interactive programs

Choosing online programs will also allow you to grasp and learn the basics as well as the complexities of diesel mechanics in a better manner, as online classes generally include simulations and interactive sessions.

What are the Next Steps after Completing your Diesel Mechanic Training?

After you have completed all the educational requirements needed to become a diesel mechanic, your next step is to register for and clear the diesel mechanic certification exam.

Even though diesel mechanics do not necessarily need to be licensed or certified to apply for jobs, employers highly prefer candidates that have cleared their ASE certifications

The National Institute for Automotive Excellence offers the Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) certification exams that are preferred by diesel mechanic employers across the country. The ASE exam usually has many levels which candidates can sit and clear according to their level of education and skills.

The most common and entry-level certification is the G1 certification.

There are also master-level certifications available that offer candidates the option of specializing in a specific field of diesel mechanics, and they can take them as they gain more experience.

You can also choose to become a specialized diesel mechanic, such as a Mobile Diesel Mechanic, Marine Diesel Mechanic, or a Heavy Duty Diesel Mechanic.

So there you have this everything you need on how to become a diesel mechanic.

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