How Long is School for Medical Billing and Coding?

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Grant Aldrich

Typical programs for medical billing and coding used to take up to two years. But now, you could finish your school in just four months.

I’ll explain how.

To help you pick the right school, let me first share the most important thing to understand:

The real problem: Financial Aid

If one issue led to the increased length and cost for medical coding programs, it would be financial aid.

What most people don’t realize, is that a university program needs to be 9 months long just to be eligible for financial aid.

“Wait, Grant, are you saying they’re purposely making these courses longer than they need to be just so it could be eligible for financial aid?”


And with the increased length, comes the increased cost.

So in the attempt to make programs more affordable utilizing financial aid for a medical billing coding program, it had the opposite intended effect.

This is why most medical coding programs are two years in length and cost up to $20,000.

Crazy, right?

There’s Good News Though

New offerings have now come online that are inexpensive and don’t require financial aid.

In other words, it’s affordable, the education is still top notch, you don’t need to go into student debt, and the program is much faster.

Thankfully, you no longer need financial aid to afford programs (which sadly, weren’t fast or affordable in the first place).

How Can I Finish MBC In 4 Months?

That’s why I created Preppy. I was so upset that people were wasting so much of their time in medical billing and coding certification training and unable to begin their new careers.

Time is money.  As adults, we can’t afford to waste time in school. We want to make our lives better, and need to get there as quickly and effectively as possible.

By creating Preppy, we’ve essentially created a best in class offering that combines all of the benefits and world class training that come from a university, but insanely affordable and fast paced as well. 

First, our programs are online. Which means you can take the coding courses at your own pace as quickly as possible and don’t need to stick to some weekly class schedule.

Next, it’s fast as possible…only 4 months long. You could literally be sitting for your AAPC, NHA, or AHIMA certification in months, and getting your first job at a medical practice right after.

Oh, and at a fraction of the cost. With Preppy, programs are up to 90% cheaper and start at just $99/mo. It also includes an externship so you can gain some experience in the field working for an insurance company or practice and build your resume as well.


I would avoid Financial aid programs like the plague, and opt for affordable schools that are far faster. You’ll save money, get a great education, and finish sooner.

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Grant Aldrich

Preppy was founded by higher education expert, Grant Aldrich, who’s work on college affordability and accessibility has been featured in Forbes, Bloomberg Businessweek, Business Insider, American Express, AOL, MSN, Thrive Global, Reader’s Digest, Inside Higher Ed, Evolllution, EducationDive, and nearly 100 radio shows and podcasts.

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