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Are you looking to start your career as an EKG Tech? Are you too confused to choose the right program that best suits you? No worries; you are at the right place.

Today, we’ll talk about –

  • What to look for in a training program.
  • How to choose the right training program.
  • How to save money and time with your EKG Training.
  • How to start your career faster.

What You Should Look for in EKG Technician Program?

Here are the top metrics to look for before choosing an EKG Technician training program.


We don’t want you to spend thousands of dollars for getting your EKG Technician Training. Any associate degrees offered by universities or other institutions will cost you upwards of $30,000. That’s the sole reason we don’t recommend those options to you guys.

Also, we would never want you to fall into the trap of a student loan or any debt, for that matter. So, you must ensure whatever program you choose is affordable at its best.

Warning: Don’t just look at the tuition cost; calculate all your expenses that will eventually add up post-enrolment. (Things like gas money, parking permits, accommodation, etc)

University Certificate

Have you ever wondered why those doctors or healthcare professionals seek or recommend University programs? Yes, you guessed it right, for the ‘university certificate.’ Though university programs are expensive, we all should agree that in the healthcare sector, the university certificate holds great value.

Employers prefer a university certificate, and we are committed to not leaving you behind with this. You will be pleased to know that our recommended training program offers a university certificate post-completion of the course. Isn’t that awesome? 

Warning: Going for programs that don’t offer a university certificate might not be best for your resume.

Online & Self-Paced

In 2023 there is no point in driving miles to take your classes and spending thousands of dollars on travel, accommodations, and fuel expenses.

Instead, you can opt for online programs that offer you the luxury to take your classes at your will, comfort, and convenience. With an online program, you learn at your own pace, in your own time.


Not all online programs are the same, and some can have scheduled online classes. That defeats the purpose of online learning, as you have to attend classes on a schedule.

Going for an online, self-paced EKG training program is recommended.

Clinical Experience

As an EKG Technician, you’ll be performing EKGs on live people, so you require some clinical experience. Right? For that, you need to get some internship or externship opportunities to perform EKGs on patients and secure some hands-on experience.


Make sure your EKG Tech program offers you an externship opportunity to get clinical experience.

Prepares you to Get Certified

According to a survey, the majority of employers prefer Certified EKG Techs. So basically, it is recommended to hold the CET Certification post-completion of your course and after gaining some experience. In an ideal scenario, a training program offers all the skills required to pass the certification exam.

Know –> CET Certification


It is recommended to choose a program that prepares you for the duties of an EKG Tech but also prepares you to crush your certification exam

Checklist for my EKG Technician Program

Here’s the checklist for the ideal EKG Technician training program:-

  • Affordable
  • 100% Online and Self-Paced
  • Beginner-Friendly
  • Faster Course Duration
  • Accredited University Certificate of Completion
  • Included Externship for Clinical Experience
  • Prepares You for the Nationally Recognized Certification – CET

Now, Introducing our EKG Technician Online Program ticks all the boxes

Preppy’s EKG Technician Training Program

Why choose Preepy?

100% Online

Say NO to difficult schedules, wasted time in travel and traffic, wasted expenses like fuel or parking, and the risk of falling behind.

With our program, you can learn from the comfort of your home and choose your own study hours.

Plus, Our training program is interactive, with slide notes, videos, simulations, etc. The beginner-friendly program is designed to give your the right EKG Tech training,.


Our online training program is self-paced, so you can learn anytime, anywhere, at your will and your own PACE.

We understand that, as adults, you can get busy, and it’s difficult to attend classes that run a schedule. That’s why our program gives you the convenience & freedom to get your training on your own time.

Say, for a few days, you’re unable to give time to your program; there’s no problem at all, you won’t miss a thing, and you can start from where you left off.

That means even if you have a full-time job, you can still get your EKG Tech Training.

University Certificate

As promised earlier, you get a Certificate of Completion from an Accredited University post-completion of your training program.

Our program is in partnership with a nationally-recognized, top-ranking accredited university.

You can mention this ‘University Certificate’ on your resume and proudly hang it on your wall.

Prepares you to Get Certified

Our training program prepares you to crush the national certification exam offered by NHA. That’s right, with Preppy, you’re ready to be a certified EKG Technician.

Finish in 2 Months

As we said, every day matters, and instead of spending 2 years to complete your ekg training, with Preppy, you can finish it in as little as 2 months.

Externship Opportunity

As promised, our training program includes an Externship opportunity. We have collaborated with some of the finest in the healthcare industry and help you get some clinical experience under your belt.

Our externship is available across the United States; a coordinator will get in touch with you when you’re going through the program.

The coordinator will try to arrange the externship near to where you live, and through this externship, you can perform EKGs and meet the minimum requirement of performing 10 ECGs.


Finally, for a limited time, you get these exclusive bonuses that come with your training program –

  • Free Laptop
  • 24*7 Student Support
  • Career & Resume Support

Click Here To Know More About The Program

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