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Facts About EKG Technicians

Facts About EKG Technicians

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Have you heard about EKG Technician? Are you interested in the career? Great! 

EKG technicians are crucial members of the healthcare sector. They conduct Electrocardiograph tests, monitor for any irregularities, and then quickly communicate their findings to doctors for diagnosis. 

Here are a few facts about them that will help you know more about the career. Also, this might clear out some myths that you had about the role. 

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Fact 1: EKG and ECG are same

You might be confused by these abbreviations, but guess what? They both stand for “electrocardiogram,” which is a medical term and, it basically means recording of your heart’s signals. EKG is just the German way of spelling it (Elektrokardiographie). But they mean the same thing!

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Fact 2: EKG Technicians aren’t brain experts (EKG and EEG are not the same) 

Are you confused between the EKG and EEG technicians? Well, don’t worry; we are here to fix it. EKG technicians perform tests related to the heart, while an EEG technician focuses on the brain. 

If you’re interested in the brain, you might want to consider a career as an EEG Technician who studies electrical activity in the brain.

Fact 3: EKG Technicians can travel

Did you know that EKG technicians can provide their services on the go? That’s right! They can bring their EKG machines to people who can’t easily move or travel, like those in nursing homes. It saves time and makes testing more convenient for everyone involved. 

Fact 4: EKG Techs can draw blood too

EKG technicians are versatile. They can be trained to draw blood. You might also be cross-chained to the role of a phlebotomist. 

You may get trained in phlebotomy from an EKG Technician Training program.

Fact 5: EKG Training is quick

If you’re eager to start your career, becoming an EKG technician won’t take you years and years. The training program typically lasts around 2-3 months. That’s not too long, right? You’ll be ready to make a difference in no time! 

Fact 6: Certification boosts Job prospects

While not all states and employers require it, getting certified as an EKG technician is; a smart move. It shows that you have the right skills and knowledge, making you stand out in the job market. 

Plus, some insurance companies prefer procedures done by certified technicians. So a certification can provide you an edge over others. 

To get certified, you would have to clear the CET certification examination conducted by the NHA. Once you clear the exam, you’re a Certified EKG Technician

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Fact 7: EKG Techs have many Career opportunities

Becoming an EKG technician opens up a world of possibilities. It’s like a stepping stone to various healthcare careers. With experience and additional training, you can dive into careers like medical lab technology, cardiovascular technology, and more. The sky is the limit! 

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So, there you have it! We covered some fascinating facts and hope you know by now why being an EKG technician is not only exciting but also an essential role in the world of healthcare. 

With their skills, they can travel, draw blood, and even launch their careers into exciting fields. If you’re still not sure about this career path, don’t worry. There are plenty more reasons to consider becoming an EKG technician. 

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Keep exploring! 

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