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How Long Is EKG Technician Training

How Long Is EKG Technician Training?

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EKG (Electrocardiograph) Technicians play a crucial role in the healthcare industry. They conduct ECG tests, identify cardiovascular issues, and communicate their findings to physicians for further diagnosis. 

The demand for EKG Techs is on the rise, with the Bureau of Labor Statistics projecting an 8% job growth rate for EKG Technicians from 2020 to 2030.

If you’re considering a career as an EKG Tech, you’ve come to the right place. You’re probably wondering how long it will take to kickstart your journey in this field. Well, it all begins with enrolling in a training program.

In this article, we’ll provide you with valuable insights into the different types of training programs available and the duration it takes to complete them. So, let’s dive in and explore the exciting world of EKG Technicians!

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How Long Is EKG Technician Training

Quick Guide: 

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Time Required for Different EKG Technician Training Programs  

Since there are many types of training programs for EKG Technicians, you might get confused about which program you should enroll in.

Well, there are 3 ways in which you can get your EKG Technician training:

  • Through a university (Associate Degree)
  • Certificate or Diploma through a community college or a technical school
  • Online Certification Programs

Are you looking to start a new career? What if I told you that you can, even without a degree? Yes, to become an EKG Technician, you don’t need a degree. All you need is to complete your training, and there you are, job ready.

Let us help you break down the different training options and recommend you the best programs available to become an EKG tech.

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An Associate’s Degree for EKG Technicians 

  • Duration- 2 Years
  • Cost- $15000-$30,000

To get an associate degree, you need to enroll in a university, and the course duration is of 2 years.

If you want advanced skills and techniques as an EKG Technician, this is the best suitable option for you. It has always been a popular option due to the comprehensive skills and education offered in this program.

Well, now you are curious! What’s so best about the program? The certificate it offers. Mind you, it is a University certificate, and the employers take note of that. The benefit is you are likely to get preference over other candidates.

aspiring EKG Tech learning at a classroom

Those were the pros; let’s get to the cons: 

  • Firstly, they are expensive and cost up to $30,000. That is just the tuition cost; add the expenses for travel, accommodation, and lifestyle; the number might double up. Not all can afford it. Spoiler! This might also lead to student loan debt.
  • Secondly, this is a full-time program. Do you have the time to attend classes on a schedule? And that, too, for 2 years. This could be challenging for many.
  • Lastly, there are only a bunch of universities offering associate degree programs for EKG Techs.

Diploma in EKG Technician 

  • Duration- 1 Year
  • Cost- $5000- $10,000

Many community colleges or technical colleges offer diploma programs for EKG Technicians. It will take 1-year to complete this program. But, you have to attend classes on a schedule, and it has its expenses.

Comparatively, these diploma programs are faster than degree programs but can be expensive.

Make sure; you are enrolling in an accredited program affiliated with any university or college.

Online EKG Technician Programs [Recommended]

  • Duration- 3-9 Months
  • Cost- $5,000

We recommend online EKG Technician training programs. Because you can complete the program within months, and they are far more affordable compared to other on-campus programs.

Also, you can get your training from the comfort of your home at your own pace, which means you don’t have to attend classes on a schedule.

So, if you love to save money and also start your career faster, enroll in an online EKG Technician Training program.  

The Next Steps Post EKG Technician Training or Course Completion 

EKG Tech getting hands-on experience

So, let’s assume you have completed your training or course and have a degree or diploma or an online accredited program. What’s next?

  • You sit for your certification exam, CET Certification (Certified EKG Technician Exam), conducted by the NHA.
  • It can take an additional 2-4 months, including preparation.
  • Keep in mind; it is mandatory to perform at least 10 EKGs, to appear for this exam. Where do I get to do those EKGs? Well, you can gain some hands-on experience through an internship or externship.
  • If you have enrolled in an online training program, then you’ll have to go through an externship to perform the mandatory 10 EKGs.
  • The exam consists of 100 questions and 20 pretest questions. Once you clear the exam, you are a Certified EKG Technician;
  • Right after you get certified, you can enter the workforce by reaching out to employers and applying for jobs.

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The Timeline for Becoming an EKG Technician 

If you have come this far, let us walk you through the complete timeline to become an EKG technician. However, the time required to be an EKG Technician depends on various factors, such as the type of program you enroll in and the time you take to clear the EKG Technician certification exam.


  • Getting A High-School Diploma Or GED
  • Enrolling In an EKG Technician Program
  • Getting Certified & Entering the Workforce
  • Apply for the CET certification exam (Certified EKG Technician)

How Long Does It Take to Become an EKG Technician? 

If you opt for an Online Program, it will just take 3-6 months to become an EKG Technician. With a full-time program, it will take 1-2 years to become an EKG technician.

aspiring EKG Tech learning through online program

How Hard Is EKG Technician School? 

If you have prior knowledge in healthcare or exposure to subjects like science and maths in your high school, this should be easy. There are other deciding factors, like the specific program you choose and your ability to grasp medical concepts.

With an online school, you could also learn on the go with regular studies and training materials which will help you avoid any type of difficulties.

You may also research different EKG Technician Schools or programs and read reviews to get a better understanding of the level of difficulty they encountered.

Is EKG Technician School Worth It?

Every industry has its pros and cons; healthcare is no exception. We all have different perspectives, backgrounds, and interests, and there is no one-fit-all kind of profession.

So, it is you who should decide if attending an EKG Tech school suits you the best or not.

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Well, it is worth mentioning that most individuals who opt for on-campus EKG Tech School find it difficult to manage the fixed schedule, expenses, and travel commitments.

But not all are the same, and if this fits you, go for it.

We recommend you choose online programs if you aspire to finish your EKG Tech Program faster and conveniently. These programs are specifically designed for busy individuals who face difficulties in managing their schedules and want to start their careers more quickly. 

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