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If you aspire to become a Sterile Processing Technician then you must have been looking for quick educational programs to start your career.

One such program is the Sterile Processing Technician Certificate Program. Although it is not the fastest type of training program, it is still relatively quicker than degree programs. 

So, in this article we will try to deal with all your queries like – what are the Sterile Processing Technician Certificate Programs, what will you learn, can you get experience or certification, why do students think about enrolling in these programs, and, do the industry veterans recommend them; and so much more. 

Moreover, we’ll also talk about one program that makes you job-ready as a certified Sterile Processing Technician faster in less than 4 months, without driving to college or without any student loans from the comfort of your home.

Stay tuned, to learn about that!

Introducing Preppy’s Sterile Processing Technician Program

The healthcare industry consistently demands skilled Sterile Processing Technician professionals to ensure patient safety and care quality.

To meet the rising demand for well-trained Sterile Processing Technicians, Preppy offers an outstanding Sterile Processing Technician Certification Training Program designed to equip you with the necessary skills and credentials to excel in this field.

Here’s what you get with Preppy’s Sterile Processing Technician Training Program:

100% Online, Self-Paced Learning

Preppy’s Sterile Processing Technician Certificate program is entirely online, allowing you to study at your own pace. This flexibility is ideal for individuals balancing other responsibilities such as work or family commitments.

The self-paced nature of the program ensures that students can progress through the material as quickly or as slowly as they need, accommodating different learning speeds and schedules.

Education from an Accredited Source

The course is offered in partnership with a reputable, accredited institution, i.e., Auburn University. This ensures the education you receive meets industry standards and is recognized by employers.

University Certificate

Upon completion, you receive a certificate from Auburn University, a non-profit institution with a 150-year history of academic excellence. This credential adds significant value to your resume, making it more competitive in the job market.

Externship Placement

Preppy arrange an externship placement close to your residence. This hands-on experience is crucial for applying what you’ve learned in a real-world setting, enhancing your skills and employability.

Become Ready for Certification Exams

Preppy’s curriculum is designed to prepare students for nationally recognized certification exams, such as the Certified Registered Central Service Technician (CRCST) exam. Being certified enhances job prospects and is often a requirement for employment in many healthcare facilities.

Affordable Tuition

At just $1599, the tuition is competitively priced, making it accessible to almost all types of aspirants. This affordability reduces the financial burden often associated with higher education, allowing students to start their careers without significant debt.

Faster Completion Time

The program is designed to be completed in less than 4 months, allowing you to fast-track your career. This accelerated timeline allows students to enter the workforce quickly, responding to the urgent need for qualified SPTs in healthcare settings.

So, by simply enrolling in Preppy’s Sterile Processing Technician Certificate program, you are setting yourself up for success in a vital and rewarding healthcare career, that too in the fastest time at an affordable price.

So, if you want all of these features in a single certificate program and want to start your career faster, then check out Preppy’s Sterile Processing Technician Certification Training Program.

What is a Sterile Processing Technician?

Sterile Processing Technicians are vital healthcare team members, ensuring that medical instruments and equipment are clean, sterilized, and properly maintained.

Their role is crucial in preventing infections and ensuring the safety of patients undergoing medical procedures.

For individuals looking to enter this rewarding field, a Sterile Processing Technician Certificate Program provides the necessary education and training to start a career quickly and effectively.

Considering education; there are mainly three types of pathways – Associate Degrees, Certificate Programs, and Online Programs. 

The Associate degree is a comprehensive program that takes about 2 years to complete. While the Online Programs are accelerated and targeted programs that are affordable and finish faster within 6 months. 


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Now, let’s discuss the Certificate Programs –

Sterile Processing Technician Certificate Program

A Sterile Processing Technician Certificate Program is a specialized training course designed to equip students with the skills and knowledge required to perform the duties of an SPT. 

What will you learn? 

These programs typically cover various aspects of sterile processing, including:

Sterilization Techniques

Students learn different methods of sterilization, such as steam, gas, and chemical sterilization, and the proper use of autoclaves and other sterilization equipment.

Infection Control

Training includes principles of infection control and prevention, teaching students how to handle and dispose of contaminated instruments safely.

Instrument Handling

The program covers the identification, handling, and maintenance of surgical instruments and medical devices, ensuring they are ready for use in surgeries and other medical procedures.

Regulatory Compliance

Students are educated on the various regulations and standards governing sterile processing, such as those set by the Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation (AAMI) and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

Anatomy and Medical Terminology

Basic knowledge of human anatomy and medical terminology is included to help students understand the instruments and procedures they will be dealing with.

Duration of the Program

These certificate programs are typically shorter in duration compared to degree programs, often taking between 8 to 12 months to complete. This makes them an attractive option for individuals seeking to enter the workforce quickly.

Cost of the Program

Certificate programs are generally more affordable than associate degree programs. Tuition can range from $5,000 to $10,000, depending on the institution and the comprehensiveness of the program.

Hands-on Training

Many programs include practical, hands-on training through externships or clinical rotations in healthcare settings, providing real-world experience.

Certification Preparation

A key component of these programs is preparing students for certification exams, such as the Certified Registered Central Service Technician (CRCST) exam, which is recognized by many employers and can enhance job prospects.

In summary, a Sterile Processing Technician Certificate Program offers a focused and efficient route to becoming a qualified Sterile Processing Technician.

These programs provide comprehensive training in sterilization techniques, infection control, instrument handling, and regulatory compliance, all within a relatively decent timeframe, and are comparatively affordable compared to degree programs.

It not only equips students with essential skills and knowledge but also prepares them for certification, thereby enhancing their employability in a critical and growing field.

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Why do students think about enrolling in this program?

EKG Tech Program

Choosing the right educational pathway is crucial for anyone aspiring to become a Sterile Processing Technician.

The certificate programs become a choice for some students due to their focused, efficient, and cost-effective route to entering the healthcare field.

Here are several reasons why students opt for certificate programs over other forms of education.

Locally Available

Certificate programs are often more accessible geographically. While it may be challenging to find a reputable associate degree program locally, many accredited community colleges offer certificate programs.

This accessibility allows students from various locations to enroll in high-quality training programs without the need to relocate or commute.


Certificate programs are generally more affordable compared to full-time, on-campus associate degree programs.

The tuition for certificate programs ranges from $5,000 to $10,000, making it a cost-effective choice.

In contrast, associate degrees can cost anywhere from $10,000 to $30,000, not including additional expenses such as textbooks, commuting, and accommodation.

Focused Curriculum

Certificate programs offer a more focused curriculum, concentrating on the essential skills and knowledge needed for a career as an SPT.

This targeted approach ensures that students are well-prepared for the specific tasks and challenges they will face in the field.

While associate degrees may include elective courses in unrelated subjects, certificate programs cut out the unnecessary fluff, allowing students to concentrate solely on their professional training.

Hands-on Training Opportunities

Many certificate programs include hands-on training opportunities such as externships or clinical rotations.

These practical experiences are invaluable, providing students with real-world exposure and the chance to apply their knowledge in a healthcare setting.

This hands-on training is often a requirement for certification exams, further enhancing the employability of graduates.

Certification Preparation

A significant advantage of certificate programs is their focus on preparing students for certification exams.

Certifications such as the Certified Registered Central Service Technician (CRCST) are highly regarded by employers and can significantly boost job prospects.

Accredited certificate programs are designed to equip students with the knowledge and skills necessary to pass these exams, providing a clear pathway to becoming a certified Sterile Processing Technician.

Comparatively Short Duration

One of the primary reasons students prefer certificate programs is the short duration.

Unlike associate degree programs, which typically take two years to complete, certificate programs can be finished in as little as 12 months.

This short timeline allows students to enter the workforce more quickly, gaining practical experience and earning an income sooner.

To sum up, certificate programs for Sterile Processing Technicians offer numerous benefits that make them an attractive option for students.

Their affordability, focused curriculum, hands-on training opportunities, and preparation for certification exams are compelling reasons why many choose this educational path.  


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What should you look for in a Sterile Processing Technician Certificate Program before enrolling?

Sterile Processing Technician Program

You enrolling in the right Sterile Processing Technician certificate program is a critical step in launching your career as a Sterile Processing Technician.

With numerous programs available, it’s essential to know what to look for to ensure you receive a quality education that meets industry standards.

Here are the key factors you should consider before enrolling in a Sterile Processing Technician certificate program.

It Is From an Accredited Source

Accreditation is crucial when selecting a Sterile Processing Technician certificate program. Accredited programs have been evaluated and meet the rigorous standards set by recognized accrediting bodies.

This ensures that the education you receive is of high quality and respected by employers. Accreditation also often qualifies students for financial aid and guarantees that credits earned can be transferred to other institutions if needed.

It Gives Out a University Certificate of Completion

A program that provides a university certificate of completion can enhance your credibility in the job market.

Employers often view certificates from reputable universities or colleges as a mark of a well-rounded and comprehensive education.

This recognition can give you a competitive edge when applying for jobs, as it assures employers of your commitment and the quality of your training.

The Tuition Cost Is Affordable

Affordability is a significant consideration for many students. Evaluate the tuition fees and compare them with other programs to ensure you are getting value for your investment.

Keep in mind that while some programs may have lower upfront costs, they might not offer the same quality of education or support. Look for programs that balance cost with comprehensive training and support services.

It Makes You Ready for the Certification

Preparation for certification exams is a crucial aspect of any SPT program. Ensure that the program you choose is designed to prepare you thoroughly for the CRCST exam or other relevant certifications.

Programs that incorporate exam preparation into their curriculum will provide you with the knowledge and skills needed to pass these important assessments, boosting your employability.

It Gives Out Externship Opportunity

Hands-on experience is invaluable in the field of sterile processing. Look for programs that offer externship opportunities as part of their curriculum.

Externships provide real-world experience, allowing you to apply what you’ve learned in a practical setting.

This not only enhances your skills but also makes you more attractive to potential employers who value experience alongside formal education.

To sum up, by choosing a program that meets these criteria, you can be confident that you are making a solid investment in your future career as a Sterile Processing Technician.

With the right training, you’ll be well-prepared to enter the workforce and excel in this vital healthcare role.

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Why do Industry Veterans recommend Online Programs? 

When it comes to formal training for aspiring Sterile Processing Technicians, industry veterans often recommend online programs over traditional, full-time, on-campus options.

Here’s why:

Flexibility and Convenience

Flexibility is a key advantage of online programs. Unlike traditional classroom settings, online programs allow students to study at their own pace and on their own schedule.

This is particularly beneficial for adult learners who may be balancing work, family, and other responsibilities.

You can access course materials, lectures, and assignments at any time, which means you can fit your studies around your personal and professional life.


Affordability is another significant benefit of online Sterile Processing Technician programs. The tuition fees for online courses are generally much lower than those for traditional on-campus programs.

Additionally, online students save on associated costs such as commuting, parking, and housing. This makes online programs a more financially viable option for many students, reducing the need for student loans and allowing you to start your career without a heavy financial burden.

Accelerated Learning

Online programs often offer accelerated learning paths, allowing students to complete their training more quickly than traditional programs.

Many online Sterile Processing Technician programs can be completed in as little as four to six months, compared to the one to two years required for on-campus programs.

This means you can enter the workforce sooner and begin gaining valuable work experience more quickly.

Access to High-Quality Education

Access to high-quality education is another reason why online programs are favored. Many online programs are offered by accredited institutions, ensuring that the curriculum meets industry standards.

Online programs often include comprehensive training modules that cover all essential aspects of sterile processing, from sterilization techniques to safety protocols.

Some programs also offer virtual simulations and interactive learning tools, providing a robust educational experience.

Preparation for Certification

Preparing for certification is crucial for SPTs, and many online programs are specifically designed to help students pass certification exams such as the Certified Registered Central Service Technician (CRCST) exam.

These programs often include exam preparation materials and practice tests, giving students the confidence and knowledge they need to succeed.

Externship Opportunities

While online programs offer the convenience of remote learning, they also often include externship opportunities.

These hands-on training placements provide practical experience in real healthcare settings, which is invaluable for building skills and enhancing employability.

Externships ensure that online students receive the same level of practical training as their on-campus counterparts.

Adult-Friendly Learning

Online programs are particularly adult-friendly, accommodating the needs of students returning to education later in life.

The ability to study at your own pace and on a flexible schedule makes it easier to balance education with other responsibilities.

This flexibility is crucial for adults having children, jobs, or other commitments that make traditional on-campus programs impractical.

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So, if you’re someone looking to enter the field quickly and with minimal financial burden, online Sterile Processing Technician programs provide an ideal solution.

If you want to start your career as an SPT faster and more efficiently, consider enrolling in an accredited online program that offers comprehensive training and support. 

In short, aspiring sterile processing technicians should consider accredited online programs, which offer more comprehensive education, better career prospects, and greater flexibility. This alternative provides a stronger foundation for a successful and fulfilling career in healthcare.


We hope this article enlightened you about the Sterile Processing Technician Certificate Programs, why you might get tempted to enroll in this program, and what you should look for in a certificate program.

Hopefully, you now also understand why industry veterans do not recommend this program for you to enroll. 

Finally, if you are looking to start your career as a Sterile Processing Technician faster, then enroll in Preppy’s Sterile Processing Technician Certification Training Program.

With its accredited, flexible, and comprehensive approach, supported by a renowned certificate from Auburn University, practical externship opportunities, and certification readiness, this program stands out as a superior choice.

Enroll Now! 


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