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In the field of sterile processing, obtaining certification is crucial for advancing your career and ensuring high standards of patient care.

One such certification is the CSPDT certification, offered by the Certification Board for Sterile Processing and Distribution.

However, the most popular and widely recognized certification among the employers and Sterile Processing Technicians is the CRCST certification offered by the HSPA.

But as an aspiring sterile processing technician, if you want to know about this CSPDT certification, you’re in the right place.

In this article, we’ll discuss everything about the CSPDT certification, the certification exam, eligibility requirements, exam topics, application fees, how to register, who needs certification, and lastly, if getting CSPDT certified is worth it.

So, stay tuned.

CSPDT Certification

The CSPDT certification, Certified Sterile Processing and Distribution Technician, is offered by the Certification Board for Sterile Processing and Distribution.  

This certification is an entry-level credential offered by the CBSPD. It is designed for individuals who are responsible for the decontamination, inspection, assembly, packaging, and sterilization of surgical instruments and medical devices in healthcare facilities.

This certification is designed for individuals working in sterile processing roles within healthcare facilities, including hospitals, clinics, and surgical centers.

Earning a CSPDT certification demonstrates a technician’s proficiency in maintaining high standards of sterilization and infection control.  


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What is a CSPDT Certification Exam?

A CSPDT certification exam validates the knowledge and skills necessary to perform essential sterile processing tasks.

This certification exam ensures that technicians are competent in cleaning, decontamination, high-level disinfection, assembly and packaging, sterilization, sterile storage, and distribution of surgical instruments and devices.

This certification is recognized by employers as a mark of professionalism and commitment to maintaining the highest standards of patient safety and infection control.

Exam Topics Include

The CSPDT exam covers a comprehensive range of topics crucial to the role of a sterile processing technician.

The main areas tested include:

Cleaning, Decontamination, and Disinfection: Procedures for effectively cleaning and disinfecting medical instruments to remove contaminants.

Preparation and Packaging: Techniques for assembling, packaging, and labeling instruments for sterilization.

Sterilization Process: Methods and protocols for sterilizing instruments, including steam, ethylene oxide, and other sterilization techniques.

Storage and Distribution: Best practices for storing and distributing sterile supplies to ensure they remain uncontaminated.

Quality Assurance: Monitoring and maintaining the quality of sterile processing through various checks and protocols.

Safety Standards: Adherence to safety regulations and guidelines to protect both patients and healthcare workers.

CSPDT Exam Details 

The CSPDT exam is designed to rigorously test the candidate’s knowledge and skills in sterile processing. The exam format typically includes multiple-choice questions that cover the core topics mentioned above.

  • Exam Fee: $128
  • Format: Multiple-choice questions
  • Duration: Approximately 3 hours
  • Number of Questions: 150 questions (25 unscored)
  • Passing Score: A scaled score of 70% or higher

Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible for the CSPDT exam, candidates must meet one of the following criteria before the application deadline:

  • Completion of 12 months of full-time employment in sterile processing.
  • Completion of six months of full-time employment in a related allied health field, combined with sterile processing duties.
  • Completion of a sterile processing technician training course with a passing grade of 70 or higher. This is the faster route, and we’ll discuss about that later.  
  • Completion of 12 months in healthcare product sales or service related to sterile processing. 

Passing the Exam

To successfully pass the CSPDT exam, candidates should thoroughly prepare by studying the relevant topics and gaining practical experience.

Candidates who pass the CSPDT exam receive a certificate, a certification pin, and the right to use the title CSPDT. Additionally, their names are posted on the CBSPD website, recognizing their achievement.

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How To Register For The CSPDT Exam?

Registering for the Certified Sterile Processing and Distribution Technician certification exam involves several steps to ensure you meet the eligibility requirements and submit the necessary documentation.

Here’s a step-by-step guide:

Ensure Eligibility

Before you start, confirm that you meet one of the eligibility requirements mentioned above.

Prepare Your Application

Download and print the exam application from the CBSPD website. Fill out the application, ensuring all sections are completed accurately.

Provide verification of your eligibility (employment verification, training course completion certificate, etc.).


Prepare the exam fee of $128. Acceptable payment methods include credit card, business check, or money order.

Note that additional convenience fees may apply.

Mail Your Application

Ensure that you have included all required documents and payment. Mail your completed application to the CBSPD office at – 1392 Hwy 22, Ste 1, Lebanon, NJ 08833.

Receive Confirmation  

Once your application is processed, you will receive an email or a postcard with instructions on how to schedule your exam date and location.

If you do not receive this notification seven days before the exam window, contact the CBSPD office immediately.

Schedule Your Exam

After receiving confirmation, select a test site and date from the available options. Note that exam windows are typically one week long, and you must choose a date within this window.

By following these steps, you can successfully register for the CSPDT exam and take the next step toward becoming a certified Sterile Processing and Distribution Technician.


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Who needs to get Certified?  

The certification is essential for individuals working in or seeking to enter the field of sterile processing within healthcare facilities.

The certification ensures these professionals have the necessary knowledge and skills to perform their duties effectively and in compliance with industry standards.

This credential can enhance job prospects, professional credibility, and opportunities for career advancement.

But, instead of CSPDT certification, the professionals need to consider CRCST certification.

Now, who needs to get certified:

Sterile Processing Technicians -> Individuals responsible for cleaning, sterilizing, and distributing medical instruments and supplies.

Central Service Technicians -> Those working in central service departments of hospitals or surgical centers.

Healthcare Professionals in Related Roles -> Individuals in allied health fields with sterile processing responsibilities, such as surgical technologists or perioperative staff.

Healthcare Product Sales or Service Representatives -> Professionals involved in the sales or servicing of sterile processing equipment and supplies.

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Is CSPDT Certification Worth It?

The CSPDT certification may seem like a good option for advancing your career in sterile processing,  but it comes with several drawbacks that make it less appealing.

Firstly, the eligibility requirements are quite demanding, including a requirement to score at least 70% in an accredited SPT course, which can be challenging for many candidates.

Moreover, the application process is outdated and cumbersome, as you are required to physically mail your application instead of having a fully online submission option.

So, this lengthy and often inconvenient procedure might not be worth the effort, especially when there are better alternatives available.

Alternatives such as the Certified Registered Central Service Technician (CRCST) certification. This is the most popular and widely recognized certification for sterile processing techs.

The CRCST certification is more flexible, offers a more straightforward application process, and is highly respected in the industry. If you’re looking to advance your career efficiently and effectively, the CRCST certification is a much better option. In fact, it is regarded as a superior choice by the industry veterans.

So, as an aspiring sterile processing tech, you need to aim for CRCST certification, and for that, you need to go after the online programs that make you CRCST certification-ready.  

There’s one such comprehensive online training program – Preppy’s Sterile Processing Technician program, which helps you to become certified as a sterile processing technician and become job-ready in as little as 4 months. This can better prepare you for a successful career in sterile processing.

With accredited coursework, a certificate from a prestigious university, thorough exam preparation, hands-on experience through externships, and an accelerated timeline, this program is designed to equip you with the skills and credentials needed to succeed in the healthcare industry.

So, if you want to become a certified Sterile Processing Technician and want to start your career faster, then, enroll in Preppy’s Sterile Processing Technician Certification training program.

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We hope this article could enlighten you about the CSPDT certification, the certification exam, eligibility, exam fees, how to register, is it worth it, and much more.

However, the fastest way to start your career is by enrolling in an online Sterile Processing Technician training program like that of Preppy’s, to meet the required education requirement set by CSPDT.

But, the most popular and widely recognized certification among employers and students of Sterile Processing Technicians is still the CRCST certification. Getting CRCST certified should be your main goal.

Ultimately, if you’re looking to become a certified sterile processing technician in as little as 4 months, Preppy’s program is the best choice.

Enroll Now!


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