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Diesel Mechanic Salary California

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If you have an interest in working with engines and automobiles, you might consider pursuing a career in diesel mechanics. 

But who are Diesel Mechanics?

Diesel mechanics are those technicians that help with services related to diesel-powered engines. They inspect, maintain and repair diesel engines. Their general duties range from changing tires and oils to replacing or repairing components of a diesel engine.

Now you might also be wondering how much a diesel mechanic earns in California.

Read on to find out the salary figures of diesel mechanics across the country and in California, and these figures are compared to the salaries offered by different states and cities.

How much does a Diesel Mechanic in California earn annually?

The U.S. Bureau of Labour Statistics (BLS) reports that the average annual wage of a Diesel Mechanic in California is $61,040 or $29.35 per hour.

The BLS further reported that the national average annual salary for diesel mechanics across the country was $53,020 or $25.49 per hour. 

The above-mentioned figures show that the salary offered for diesel mechanics in California is significantly more than the national average salary, which makes California an ideal place to pursue your dream of becoming a diesel mechanic.

Diesel Mechanic Salary in Other States Compared to California

Generally, the salaries offered to an individual in every profession are highly dependent on several factors, such as job location, experience, level of education, and so on.

Job location is one of the most influencing factors for diesel mechanics as well, and the salaries differ in each state. 

Let us compare the salaries offered for diesel mechanics in California to other states.

First, let’s see how the salaries offered in California differ from other high-paying states:

  • California- $61,040 per year or $29.35 per hour
  • Washington- $63,760 per year or $30.65 per hour
  • Massachusetts- $62,500 per year or $30.05 per hour
  • Alaska- $62,350 per year or $29.98 per hour
  • Connecticut- $61,890 per year or $29.76 per hour
  • New York- $60,290 per year or $28.99 per hour

Now let us take a look at the salaries offered in California as compared to other lower-paying states:

  • California-  $61,040 per year or $29.35 per hour
  • Arkansas- $43,710 per year or $21.02 per hour
  • North Dakota- $57,000 per year or $27.40 per hour
  • Idaho- $48,530 per year or $23.33 per hour
  • Indiana- $48,920 per year or $23.52 per hour
  • Wyoming- $55,060 per year or $26.47 per hour

These figures make it clear that California is among the highest-paying states for diesel mechanics. If you are interested in moving to California, it is important to keep in mind the costs of living and any additional expenses that you will need to bear while working in an expensive state like California.

However, it is also important to note that according to the BLS, California is one of the highest-employing states for diesel mechanics, and hence the job prospects and diesel mechanic jobs will be much higher here as compared to other states.

Diesel Mechanic Salary in Different Cities Within California

We talked about how the salaries differ for every profession across each state. The same holds true for different cities within each state as well. Let us compare the figures between the major cities within California for diesel mechanics:

  • Los Angeles- $40.68 per hour or $88,352 per year
  • San Francisco- $34.68 per hour or $74,983 per year
  • San Diego- $34.29 per hour or $74,151 per year
  • Sacramento- $32.54 per hour or $70.356 per year
  • San Jose- $35.70 per hour or $77,199 per year
  • Oakland- $34.56 per hour or $74,729 per year
  • Long Beach- $31.49 per hour or $68,099 per year
  • Malibu- $28.88 per hour or $62,460 per year
  • Santa Monica- $31.52 per hour or $68,156 per year

It is important to highlight that these figures have been taken from job board sites, such as indeed.com, as there is no government data available for salaries offered for diesel mechanics in different cities across California.

Salary in Other States

How To Get Paid Higher than Average as a Novice Diesel Mechanic?

If you’re just starting your career as a Diesel Mechanic, you can expect your diesel technician salary to be lower than the average salary offered. However, there are some diesel mechanics who earn a higher-than-average salary even if they are just starting out.

Wonder how?

To answer shortly: by developing all the right skills!

Here are some tips on how you can also become one of the higher-earning diesel mechanics:

Complete your diesel mechanic training by choosing online programs

Completing your diesel mechanic training is a requirement for aspiring diesel mechanics, as it provides you with the basic knowledge and skills required for them to carry out the daily tasks in a workshop. 

After you complete your high school diploma or a GED, you will be required to choose a diesel mechanic school. There are three main methods of getting your training:

  • Getting an associate’s diesel mechanic degree from a university
  • Getting a diploma from a community college
  • Choosing online training programs that offer certifications

The most recommended method out of the three mentioned above is opting for online programs due to the several advantages it offers over other alternatives. 

What are the advantages of opting for an online program?

  • Complete your training much faster

The main advantage of choosing an online program is that it allows you to complete your training much faster than other alternatives.

This means you can enter the workforce much quicker. You can complete your course in as little as 6 months and get ASE certified and begin your journey as a certified diesel mechanic.

  • Learn at your own pace

An associate’s degree or a diploma typically involves attending scheduled classes assigned per week or month. If you happen to miss any of these scheduled classes, it becomes a hassle to reschedule them, which means delaying your degree or diploma even further.

If you choose an online program, you can learn at your own pace and time schedule and at the comfort of your own home.

  • Much lower tuition costs

As compared to the other methods, an online training program will only cost you less than $5000.
This makes it the cheapest way to get your diesel mechanic training, freeing you of the burden of taking student loans.

Get ASE certified

After you have completed your educational requirements and externships, you will need to clear the Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) certification exam. This certification exam is the most preferred certification by employers. 

There are many levels of ASE diesel mechanic certifications, ranging from specialization to master-level certifications. The minimum requirement for you to enter the workforce as a certified diesel mechanic is to clear the G1 ASE certification.

Develop additional skills

In any profession, employers highly prefer candidates that show their dedication to the field by constantly improving their hard and soft skills. Learning additional skills will also help you outshine other candidates, and gaining management, communication, and other soft skills will help you as you grow and evolve into handling additional responsibilities as a diesel mechanic. 

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