The Certified Future™ Program

A full grant for victims of abuse, domestic violence, or severe financial hardship.  Covering all tuition and expenses for your career certification training online.


Accredited University


100% Online


All Tuition & Fees


A Simple and Impactful Mission

Preppy is an education affordability organization created by a team of startup veterans and educators.

The team is committed to one goal:

Making world-class career and skills training available for everyone…especially those seeking a better life without the means to afford education.

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Free Skills Training for Those in Need

Whether a victim of domestic abuse, extreme financial hardships, homelessness, or a single parent trying to make ends meet, The Certified Future Program is available for you.

Millions of people across the country are seeking skills training for a better life for themselves and their family.

But, most are unable to afford the high costs associated with college education and accessing campus learning every week. The Certified Future Grant covers the entire cost of the career certification program with over 30 career options to choose from.

Top-Notch Education

Preppy is partnered with Auburn University, a nonprofit accredited institution with a 150 year heritage.  Grant recipients will have full confidence they’re getting best-in-class training.

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In-Demand Trades & Careers

Healthcare, IT, Business, Trades…grant recipients will be able to access the best certification training for the trending careers in our modern economy.


100% Online


30+ Programs Available


National Certifications

Certification Training for Trending Careers

Grant recipients will get fully covered tuition to take any of Preppy’s available career certification training programs in partnership with Auburn University.

These programs uniquely serve the needs of those with financial hardship…all online, laptop included, and thorough training.


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100% Online


No Prior Experience


Free Laptop Included


Accredited University


24/7 Student & Tech Support


Full-Tuition and Fees Covered

Real Work Experience…All Included

In addition to immersive training and being ready for their career certification, we coordinate an externship placement so grant recipients get real work experience to build their resume

Accomplishment Builds Pride & Self-Esteem

After completing the program, grant recipients receive a university completion certificate to proudly hang on their home or office wall.

Love & Support Across the Globe

Our mission wouldn’t be possible without the help and support to raise awareness for those who need it, and the education gap in this country as a whole.   Post a link sharing this grant on social media with hashtag #CertifiedFuture and you’ll show up here as a supporter.

Apply for the Grant

We’ve made the application process simple.  Throughout the year, we will award as many grants as possible based on eligible applications, need, and availability of funds.  Fill out the form below and tell us your story.

Grant Summary: Full tuition for any of the career certification training programs

Current Deadline: Open for ongoing applications year-round


Simple Eligibility Requirements

Applicants must:

  • Be a victim of abuse, domestic violence, or extreme financial hardship
  • Have a high school diploma or GED
  • Be a U.S. Resident